Some common somatic psychology terms

terminology Oct 15, 2018

Note on the origin of various somatic terms.

Titration is a term drawn from chemistry that seems most typically associated, in the somatics trauma literature, with the work of Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing, though this term is certainly utilized across multiple modalities, including in particular Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  This therapeutic intervention can be understood as a response and reaction to the "flooding" techniques of Prolonged Exposure, which drew concern from multiple practitioners who adopted the Prolonged Exposure technique. Unlike flooding -- which typically refers to the prolonged exposure of a person to an activating circumstance -- titration refers to the delicate mediated "micro-dosing" of nervous system activation to a level where it can be productively metabolized back to safety.  The concept of titration has become part of the trauma vernacular and can be found in multiple treatment forms, e.g., Sensorimotor Psychtherapy,...

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