Lineage and gratitude

gratitude welcome Oct 01, 2018

One of the challenges in somatic psychology is giving full due homage to our forebears – the people who carried the torch forward.

In my own experience, my lineage comes from decades of training centered at the Esalen Institute, the University of Tennessee, and elsewhere. My primary teachers were John Soper, John Heider, Christine Stewart Price, Dorothy Charles, Eric Erickson, Dorothy Thomas, Stephen Harper, the Los Angeles Gestalt Awareness Practice Group, Seymour Carter, Will Schutz, Michael Nash, Kristina Coop Gordon, Alla Vollovich, Mark Goldstein, Crystallin Dillon, and the Bay Area T-Group. These people were (are are) essential in forming me as a clinician.

I also had the good fortune to study with Ron Kurtz (Hakomi), Morgan Goodlander (Gestalt), Eleanor Criswell Hanna (Hanna Somatics), Emilie Conrad Daoud (Continuum), Mark Reese (Feldenkrais), Harriet Goslins (Cortical Field Reeducation), Fritz Smith (Zero Balancing), Suzanne Scurlock-Durana (Somato-Emotional...

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