Working with overwhelming trauma

q&a Jan 03, 2019

Trauma Professional writes:

I started trying to implement the tools you teach.

I've found that in regard to the pendulation stage, taking people into bits of unpleasant memories/sensations is challenging, because even the slightest recollection of the trauma seems to automatically bring back the entire memory to the surface, which often is overwhelming. 

Even if the person is able to connect to a pleasant memory/sensation, the impact of the unpleasant memory overrides. 

Can you please provide guidance on this? 

          --- Trauma Professional


Dear Trauma Professional,

What a great question -- and such a difficult and delicate one, too!

For this, there are three elements of import: 

  1. how strong is the therapist and/or client's sense of grounded anchoring, 
  2. how strong is the "energetic rope" connecting client-and-therapist, 
  3. how strong is the pull of the trauma vortex/eddy -- the sensation of overwhelm /...
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