How Connection Heals Trauma (and why it terrifies us too)

poetry May 17, 2020

The Double Edge

Each time I seek to connect
there is a double edge.

Will it be different this time?
Will I be known?
Will I be seen?
Will I be heard?

And can I survive if not?
Can I survive the opposite?
Can I survive reaching for you 
and not finding you?
Can my heart hold all of this,
the terror and the hope?

It will all tumble one day.

This I know.

And yet I reach,
and sometimes,


There you are.

I have been

to find you
for so long.

-- Albert Wong
written May 16, 2020
"How Connection Heals Trauma (and why it terrifies us too)"
The Embodied Connection Conference (2020)


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