Unlocking the Secret of the Chakra System

Mar 02, 2023

Chakras don't die at the death of body and mind, because they are subtler than the body and the mind. They have a direct link with the immortal soul.
Amit Ray 


Have you ever felt a kind of energy coursing through your body that you just didn’t understand? That’s because you may be feeling the powerful chakra system. This ancient source of healing and enlightenment has been around for thousands of years, originating in India and still used today to help people find balance and harmony in their lives. Let’s take a look at what this mysterious system is all about and explore how it can benefit us.


What are Chakras?

The word “Chakra” comes from the Sanskrit language which means “wheel” or “circle.” It refers to the seven energetic points found in our bodies, each connected to certain emotions, physical organs, and spiritual beliefs. Each point is associated with a specific color and its own unique purpose.


Photo credit: Sharon Pittaway @Unsplash

The Root Chakra (red) is located at the base of your spine and governs your sense of safety and security within yourself. The Sacral Chakra (orange) is located in your abdomen/lower back area and governs creativity, sexuality, relationships, as well as emotional control. The Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) sits in your upper abdomen and helps with focus, self-esteem, willpower, motivation, transformation, etc. The Heart Chakra (green) resides near your heart center; it focuses on our ability to love ourselves as well as others around us. The Throat Chakra (blue) is situated at the throat area dealing with communication issues including truth telling both internally & externally. The Third Eye Chakra (indigo) resides between our eyes and helps us tap into intuition & inner knowingness while also allowing us to experience higher consciousness realms such as meditation & dreams. Lastly, we have the Crown Chakra (violet). This one sits atop our head & encourages connection with higher powers & divine wisdom while also promoting clarity & insight into oneself or one's life purpose.


Exercises for Clearing Blockages

Now that we know what chakras are let's look at how we can clear blockages in each one so that we can restore balance in our lives. Here are some exercises you can do on your own or with a therapist:

Root Chakra - Grounding Visualization: Close your eyes and imagine roots shooting down from your feet into the ground beneath you like tree roots reaching down deep into the earth's soil; this helps you feel connected to your environment even if you're stuck indoors Solar Plexus - Intention Setting: Visualize setting a positive intention while focusing on your solar plexus; this helps build confidence and clarity on how you want things to be.

Heart Chakra - Compassion Meditation: Take some time out each day to practice mindful self-compassion; send yourself love through affirmations like "I am enough" or "I accept myself as I am."

Third Eye - Guided Meditation: Use guided meditation techniques like visualization or breathing patterns to get in touch with your intuition

Crown - Connecting With Nature: Spend time outdoors connecting with nature; this helps open up your crown chakra so that you can feel connected to something greater than yourself  


Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith provides an excellent source for further exploration into chakras as well as some wonderful exercises for clearing out blockages that can arise from our different emotional experiences throughout life; these include journaling about how these energies manifest physically or emotionally in each person's individual life experience - things like traumatic events or chronic stressors that lead to disconnection from any particular chakra or all seven together! Furthermore, the chakra system is utilized in polarity therapy & tantric yoga to create a more holistic approach to intimacy and healing oneself - allowing one to connect with their energetic body through awareness practices such as breath work & visualization techniques which will ultimately bring forth more balance internally leading towards greater integration across all aspects of life!


Chakras are an integral part of Eastern medicine that has been around for centuries yet many people today still don't know much about them! Understanding this powerful system can help us unlock hidden potential within ourselves by first becoming aware of how it functions energetically within our bodies then using various exercises such as journaling or breathwork combined with polarity therapy/tantric yoga can allow us access deeper levels of healing which will ultimately lead towards greater wholeness on all levels mind -body - spirit! So don't be afraid to explore this ancient knowledge – you never know what doors may open up once you start unlocking those secret chakras!

 Photo credit: Jeremy Thomas @Unsplash


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