Scholarship Guidelines & Application

So much of human suffering, conflict, and craving arises because we are disembodied – separated from our intuitive, visceral selves.

Somatopia is an educational platform that is dedicated to combating human suffering by creating an embodied world.

We are a global movement of people who are dedicated to becoming fully embodied, for ourselves, and helping others return to their embodied integrated selves, as well. We believe that by helping people return to their felt experience of embodied being, we may help liberate the world from suffering. When we become embodied, we become better situated to guide our world into greater peace, harmony, and connectedness as well.

The intention of our Scholarship Program is to support dedicated individuals who want to participate in our global mission of embodiment, but who otherwise would not be able to enroll. We are grateful to be able to extend aid at this time to a limited number of students in the form of scholarship tuition for some of our courses and programs.

Please read and follow the below guidelines carefully before applying for the Scholarship Program.

- Scholarship Availability & Award Amount -
Our Scholarship program includes a tuition reduction that can cover up to 50% of the full rate. Scholarship decisions are made by our program team and are based on several factors, including the size of our award fund and the approximate number of students enrolling at the full rate.

Every effort is made to make scholarship positions available for the majority of the programs that we offer, but we cannot promise to have scholarship positions available for every course.

- Scholarship Qualifications -
To qualify for Somatopia Scholarship program, prospective participants must complete and submit a Somatopia Scholarship Application Form and answer all questions on the form honestly and fully.

Note: Individuals who are already enrolled in a particular course are not eligible to participate in the Somatopia Scholarship program for that course retroactively. We only accept Somatopia Scholarship applications from individuals who have not yet enrolled in the course of their request.

- Scholarship Application Submissions -
Prospective students may submit a scholarship application as soon as a particular course is announced, which is typically 3-5 weeks before the program begins. Applications are accepted at any time prior to the course's start date.

- Scholarship Award Notifications -
All applicants will be notified of their award status by email, typically within one week of application. We will automatically expedite last-minute applications whenever possible, and we appreciate your patience while applications are in review.

- Refund Policy for Scholarship Participants -
As stated above, the intention of our Scholarship program is to support individuals who are dedicated to becoming embodied helpers and healers in the world, but who otherwise would not be able to afford to enroll in one of our programs. We, therefore, expect applicants to be firmly committed to their course participation, and for that reason, the portion of the course fee paid by Scholarship recipients is non-refundable, regardless of what the standard or advertised refund policy is for full-tuition attendees of that particular course.

- Scholarship Application Form -
If you have read the above guidelines and you would like to submit an application for a scholarship position to offset the registration fees for a particular course, and if you are not already enrolled in that course at the full rate, please use the online application form listed below.