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Albert Wong, Ph.D.

A Marshall Scholar educated at Princeton and Oxford, Dr. Albert Wong has received extensive training in somatic psychotherapy from some of the nation’s leading experts. He has served as residential staff at the Esalen Institute and currently serves as the Director of Somatic Psychology of John F. Kennedy University, one of the premiere somatic training institutions in the world.  He has been featured on PBS, in Time Magazine, and the book The American Soul Rush. His work has been published in titles ranging from the scientific journal Biological Cybernetics to the book anthology Radical Spirit. He recently presented a workshop at the International Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy entitled Many Dances, One Rhythm: A Somatic Exploration of Gestalt-Based Movement Practices.  He maintains a private practice and is licensed to provide therapy in the state of California and educational coaching services to individuals around the world. 


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