Our Gift to You. 

Learn to Tune into the Wisdom of Your Body

Discover your inner truth. Break old habits of that do not serve you. Rediscover the fine-tuned instrument of your intuitive felt sense. Come home to yourself.



You've been looking for something to help guide you along your journey. Something that can help you find your path and your way.  You want to steer your life rightly. You want to feel connected with life.   

You've tried to figure it all out but feel like you are going in a circle sometimes. You feel uncertain sometimes about the right path forward.

What Is BodyCompass?

BodyCompass is a free downloadable e-book that helps you navigate through your life while tapping into the wisdom of the body. With a set of carefully selected questions and exercises, BodyCompass helps you connect with the wisdom of your body and chart ideal life for yourself.

Learn from your body, celebrate your aliveness, and set out a path you want to walk on. All you need is some time to reflect and our booklet.

Figuring out things through thinking alone does not work. Listening to your inner compass – your BodyCompass – does.

Join us and discover your ideal life using the wisdom of your body!


And just who will be helping to guide you into learning The Power of Your BodyCompass?

Me! I'm Albert Wong

Former Director of the Somatic Psychology Program at John F. Kennedy University
Director Of the Trauma Certificate Program, Somatopia

I'm delighted you've found your way to your BodyCompass 2022|2023. My greatest hope is that you might learn to use this special instrument - your body - to help guide you toward a more fulfilled, embodied, and joyful 2023. 

When I first started cultivating a BodyCompass practice – a process of tuning into your body and listen to it for guidance – I was amazed at the lasting and meaningful changes it made to my life. Learning to listen to my body helped me feel more satisfied and content. My body became my North Star for what was right and wrong with my life. Deep wisdom revealed itself. Answers unfolded naturally. How to live rightly. How to find a way forward. 

And now you can do the same. The exercises and prompts in this BodyCompass journal are carefully designed to help you to grow a lasting interoceptive embodiment practice: a practice of listening to the inner compass of your body, so that you can discover the wisdom within. With consistent use you'll gain a more positive perspective on life and a deeper connection with living. And you will have a compass with you, always at your side, helping to guide the way.